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Estuary TV Filming at Tapasya

Wednesday 6th December 2017
By Tapasya

Tapasya on Beverley High Road, Hull, have been selected to host Estuary TV’s Reality Bites culinary competition!

This venture is supporting the budding talent of the students from Hull College. A team of rising stars will visit Tapasya to compete against each other. The restaurant’s Head Chef, Uday Seth, will provide a set of ingredients for one of his recipes, which the students will have had time to study. As ever with Tapasya’s fare, all ingredients will be sourced from the restaurant’s local Yorkshire suppliers to guarantee the best quality and flavour.

The competitors will then try to replicate Uday’s meal and present their efforts to the judges (one of whom will be Uday himself). After this, they will have to create a dish of their own using the ingredients provided in the first recipe, maybe with some mystery ingredients to truly make their own dish unique!

Chef Uday has already been recorded by Estuary TV’s crew preparing the dish himself. The rest of the competition will be filmed in the new year.

This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the intricate and delicate nature of Tapasya’s dishes, but also to help nurture culinary talent in Hull and potentially discover a new rising local star!